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SIG B 30 16

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  • Numero di riferimento Numero di riferimento 1049-382093
    Anno di costruzione Anno di costruzione 1965
    Ore di servizio Ore di servizio nessuna informazione
  • Offerente

    Hans-Jürgen Geiger Maschinen-Vertrieb GmbH
    James-Watt-Straße 12
    72555 Metzingen
    Showroom Logo
  • Categoria principale

    Macchine per la lavorazione dei metalli
  • Categoria

    Macchine per la foratura
  • Tipo di macchina

    Macchine per la perforazione di fori profondi, orizzontali
  • Produttore

  • Dati tecnici

    core drilling diameter max.
    50 mm
    bore depth
    2000 mm
    swing diameter
    drilling capacity diameter max.
    110 mm
    total power requirement
    30 kW
    weight of the machine ca.
    10 t
  • Descrizione

    Drilling Ø, approx. 2 - 50 mm
    Boring Ø, approx. 100 mm
    Drilling depth, max. (see stroke / mounting length) 1,600 - 2,000 mm
    Stroke of drilling slide, approx. 4,000 mm
    Distance between the two spindle heads 5,000 mm
    Height of centres above guideways 350 / 450 mm

    Drilling feed of drilling slide, infinitely variable 20 - 200 mm/min
    Quick feed of drilling slide 2,500 mm/min
    Spindle speeds via belt disks 260 - 650 / 650 - 1,625 rpm

    Workspindle drive 24 kW
    Drive of coolant pumps 1 x 7.5/15 kW and 1 x 15/28 kW
    Total electrical load, approx. 60 kW - 380 V - 50 Hz
    Total length of machine / guideways 7,500 / 5,000 mm
    Weight, approx. 10,000 kg

    Accessories / Special Features
    * Machine consists of the following elements:
    Main spindle on the left-hand side, followed by the coolant oil supply device. Table group, driven by ball screw
    spindle. Coolant oil supply device with elevated height of centres. At the end is a headstock, Type B 16, with
    drive motor approx. 7.5 kW, n = 900/2400 and 2400/6000. Large coolant device with filter unit. Large selection
    of accessories and drilling tools with Ø up to 100 mm.
    * Machine is suitable for working with a rotating workpiece together with a fixed drilling tool (ELB and BTA Process), as well as for a fixed workpiece and a rotating drilling tool. It can work with internal oil feed (Elb) or with external oil feed (BTA).
    * Complete oil coolant unit with tank and filter and two SIG high pressure pumps. Number of litres can be set: 17 / 40 / 120 or 220 / 500 litres per minute. Capacity approx. 2,500 l.
    * Feed of main slide is via ball screw spindle and infinitely variable DC motor. Mounted on the main slide is at present a table, approx. 800 x 800 mm, cross-adjustable approx. 500 mm, and suitable for holding cubic and cylindrical workpieces. Electric control via cam rail, approx. 2,500 mm long. End switch for quick feed, feed and return.
    * 2 closed 3-point steady rests.
    * FORKHARDT 3-Jaw Chuck, manually operated, Ø approx. 315 mm.
    * Modernized control panel with speed display, feed setting and display, display for kW, switch for feed, quick feed, right/left, etc.
    * 2 separate switch cabinets, separate coolant oil display device, bushes, reducers, clamping helps and lots of other accessories.

    This is a very valuable machine because of all the accessories!

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